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Ready Mix Concrete for the Shuswap Area

A centuries old product, concrete is the world's most used building material. Versatile, attractive, and long-lasting, concrete is essential to this planet's progress. From the back yard to the world's tallest structures, concrete is used.

Do you require high-quality ready mix concrete for your next project? Count on us to meet your needs for:

  • Standard residential designs
  • Coloured and decorative mixes
  • Full range of admix products
  • Performance mixes
  • Custom tailored designs
  • Retaining blocks

Our computer batching system and fleet of transit mixers is available for delivery of concrete products ranging from decorative exposed aggregate to high-strength structural concrete.

Modern Concrete

Modern concrete still uses some of the fundamental ingredients that were used 2000 years ago, but with the addition of admixes, properly graded and clean aggregates, as well as refined and graded Portland cement. These components are all proportioned by automated and highly accurate equipment, resulting in a building product that can withstand harsh environments and last for decades or longer. With today’s technology and creativity, concrete is used not only for standard building requirements, but with the simple addition of colour and imagination, brilliant works of art can also be created. At Salmon Arm Ready Mix Ltd., we are happy to offer our experience and advice to our customers, old and new.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

ICF construction surpasses conventional building methods and has proven far superior in soundness, fire resistance, high insulation values, allergen suppression, plus its overall life span. ICF construction has also proven to withstand extreme weather events such as gale force winds and tornados, far out-performing traditional wood frame construction.

 Supplier List

Salmon Arm Ready Mix Ltd. is proud to have supplied our products and services to these companies:


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